About us

We started out making machine parts and wood molds.

The craftsmen take pride in the precise and accurate processing techniques they have mastered through their long involvement in wood and metal processing.
company founder MASAO KUSUNOKI
Representative Director
The production of Buddhist altar fittings combining natural wood and metal began through a chance encounter with the changing generations.

Lacquered natural wood and metal are perfectly combined to create an exquisite Buddhist altar fitting that cannot be imitated.
While working with natural wood and lacquer, we started making lacquerware and wood products with the desire to spread the quality of the craft using our techniques.

Lacquerware and wood products combining natural wood and metal are our pride and joy that only we can produce.

As a small workshop, each piece is carefully handmade rather than mass production.
In September 2020, restarted with changed the company’s name to U-en Art Inc.

As a company that handles "Yu-en (elegant)" lacquerware, the company name reflects our desire “Yu-en (to cherish the relationships with people)” we have met and will meet in the future.

With the concept of “Lacquerware makes your home time more wonderful,” we propose a lifestyle with lacquerware, produce and sell luxury works such as sculpture and tableware, and actively participate in exhibitions.


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